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Jeff Klinker

Untitled Commission | 1978

Oil on Canvas | 28" x 22"

This 1978 oil on canvas of a Weimaraner in field was a commission from employees at Childress Farm Supply located in Linden, Indiana where Klinker was farming at the time. According to Klinker, the painting was a gift for the owner, Don Childress.   

Klinker recounted, “The story behind it goes, they commissioned someone else to do Don’s pet Weimaraner and when they got it, it looked like a wiener dog. So they called me last minute to do one that looks like it’s supposed to. I stayed up most of the night to finish so he could receive it the next day. Then to find out that they paid the other guy and all they had left was $40. He liked it."

Jeff Klinker is a living Hoosier artist that paints idyllic Indiana landscape scenes.

Klinker paints in a self-taught impressionistic style through means of “en plein aire” painting which unleashed new energy in his work, 

freeing his brush and palette. Klinker is a member of the Brown County Art Guild and is recognized as an award-winning artist by the Indiana Artists Club.

Artist CV

2022 | Montgomery County Government Center  Brown County Art Guild

2020 | Historic Indiana En Plein Air Art Show

2019 | 87th Annual Juried Exhibition The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

2015 | Hoosier Salon 91st Annual Exhibition 

2014 | The Friends of T.C. Steele Member Art Show 

2007 | Fall Art Exhibit Regional Juried Art 

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