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F I N E  A R T S


Founder and Director Michael-Chase Strollo

Our Story


Originally created as a passion project by fine art collector Michael-Chase Strollo to support the visual arts, DASH Fine Arts was founded in December of 2019 with the intention of breaking ground as a secondary marketplace art gallery based in Atlanta. 

With the impact on store front businesses from the COVID-19 Pandemic, DASH pivoted against the retail brick-and-mortar concept. In 2020, DASH Fine Arts became the first "anti-gallery" gallery of its kind. When business began closing their doors, DASH found an opportunity to invest in artists, both past and present, rather than investing in a physical location. DASH Fine Arts is pleased to own over 200 works of art as a secondary market gallery. 


DASH has partnered with local and national museums, educational institutions, and organizations for projects ranging from restoration to provenance research, as well as to promote the furtherance of the visual arts.

Brick-and-mortar isn't dead. It's just evolving. As an "anti-gallery," our clients can experience fine art in intimate ways without having to visit a gallery.

From primary to secondary market sales, we offer a variety of services while representing working artists and other works of art.​ Our services include private client curation, advising, art placement, research, and restoration.

To schedule a private consultation or an in-home viewing of specific Gallery Works, contact us below.  

Interior lobby

The Anti-Gallery


Through our anti-gallery concept, we have seamlessly integrated technology and art appreciation to enhance experiences. We offer a unique way for our clients to delve deeper into the world of art through the use of QR codes.

Simply scan the QR code located next to each artwork with your smartphone or tablet, and you will instantly access a wealth of information online about the work.

This digital experience provides clients with insights into the artist's background, the inspiration behind the work, its historical context, and even the opportunity to purchase the artwork if moved to do so.

We invite your guests to explore, learn, and connect with our collection in an entirely new way, fostering a deeper appreciation for our artists and their creations.

We believe in partnerships that benefits everyone involved. When you choose to show our work in your space, you're not just entrusting us with your brand; you're entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement through our commission-based model. This means that when a work in your space sells, we share the proceeds with you.

This ensures that our interests are aligned as we are dedicated to generating the best possible return for your commitment in sharing your space.

Our team is committed to marketing and promoting our work in your space effectively though client outreach, social media, and PR efforts. It's a win-win for both of brands as we work together to maximize the interest in your space.

© 2023 by DASH Fine Arts LLC.  

Atlanta, GA

470 823 9122

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