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Danny Robinette

(1954 — 2005)

Unknown: Still Life | 1985

Acrylic on Canvas | 33" x 27"

Danny Robinette (born Danny Robinette, January 17, 1954) was an American artist known for his landscape paintings with a quiet intensity of light and color. 

Born in Iredell County in North Carolina's western Piedmont, Robinette was primarily a self-taught artist known for his North Carolina landscapes.

The flat surfaces skillfully painted invite the viewer into the artist's world, one with evidence of human experience but lacking a depiction of any sentient beings.

Robinette's work has been exhibited extensively, including shows at the Hickory Museum of Art; the National Arts Club in New York, NY; Elon College, Elon, NC; and the Greenhill Center for the North Carolina Artist, Greensboro, NC.

Artist Statement:


"My representational paintings are created in an environment of isolation. While others are shown or led by an academic mainstream, I have taught myself with little or no guidance from others.

Being a self-taught artist is filled with a not knowing. This sort of personal doubt has been, at times, an overwhelming drawback to my career, and an obstacle in the way I feel my art must go. But, the years of hard work in this void has had its rewards. In doing so, I've developed an inner strength and my own personal vision.

For me, the greatest satisfaction, and the ability to endure this struggle, has been one in which the painting and the viewer share a familiar communication achieved through the balancing of colors, tones and the surface quality of the image.

Significant art is built upon the past and what I produce has been influenced by the second-generation Hudson River School, the Barbizon School, Dutch and Pop Vanitas still-life, and the works of Rene Magritte."

Artist CV




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