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Danny Robinette

(1954 — 2005)

Danny Robinette

Unknown: Still Life | 1985Acrylic on Canvas | 33" x 27"

Danny Robinette (born Danny Robinette, January 17, 1954) was an American artist known for his landscape paintings with a quiet intensity of light and color. 

Born in Iredell County in North Carolina's western Piedmont, Robinette was primarily a self-taught artist known for his North Carolina landscapes.

The flat surfaces skillfully painted invite the viewer into the artist's world, one with evidence of human experience but lacking a depiction of any sentient beings.

Robinette's work has been exhibited extensively, including shows at the Hickory Museum of Art; the National Arts Club in New York, NY; Elon College, Elon, NC; and the Greenhill Center for the North Carolina Artist, Greensboro, NC.

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