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F I N E  A R T S

The Anti-Gallery

Who We Are

Founded in 2019, DASH Fine Arts is an Atlanta based anti-gallery specializing in the representation, curation, and restoration of fine art.

From primary and secondary market sales, to advising, research, restoration, and design, DASH has represented works by notable modern, contemporary, and old master artists including Reed Benson, Danny Robinette, Peter Max, Carole Pigott, Wesley Chamberlin, and Henri Matisse.

With over 200 works in inventory, DASH is a vibrant and ever-changing platform that brings the world of paintings and diverse art forms to various locations, while breathing fresh life into the traditional gallery experience. Partnering with local and national museums, educational institutions, and organizations for projects ranging from restoration to provenance research, DASH is committed to promoting the furtherance of the visual arts.

Our ephemeral showcases enable art to transcend the confines of a static space, allowing the audience to encounter creativity in unexpected places. Whether in a member’s club, fine dining establishment, or grand hotel suite, our concept rejuvenates the art scene by infusing art into the daily lives of passersby. It's a dynamic fusion of artistic expression and urban exploration, where artists can experiment with unconventional settings, and viewers can stumble upon art serendipitously. This fluidity and accessibility not only invigorate the art market, but also promotes a sense of community and artistic inclusivity.


DASH is a testament to the transformative power of art, making it an integral part of our everyday surroundings, and celebrating the boundless creativity of the artists behind the works.


Brick-and-mortar isn't dead. It's just evolving. Welcome to the new era of experiencing fine art. 

Reed Benson Exhibition

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Atlanta, GA

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